Best Natural and Organic Makeup Brands | Non-toxic Products Video Series

This is the first video in the non-toxic, natural and organic makeup products series!

After watching this video series, you’ll know which are the best brands for natural foundations, eye makeup, and lip colors. You’ll also learn how to prep your skin with organic skincare products for longer wearing makeup!

Video 1 in the Natural and Organic Makeup Brands Series


You can also watch Video 1 on YouTube here.

This first video covers why I choose natural makeup brands rather than traditional brands, what I look for in organic makeup products, and the organic skin care products I use to prep my skin.

In this video, you’ll learn with you why you should be concerned about the ingredients used in traditional makeup brands. Throughout this natural makeup video series, I’ll offer alternatives from clean makeup brands that work just as well!

I hope you have as much fun watching as I did making the videos! If you’re like me, you’ll love swapping out the makeup products that may be affecting your health for clean alternatives!

Why Choose Natural and Organic Makeup Brands?

Did you know that the chemicals in the cosmetics you put on your skin are absorbed into your body? If you’re health conscious like me, then you’re already aware of that, but did you know this…

Some of these chemicals can build up in our body over time with repeated use, causing you to develop allergies, sensitivities, or an immune response. I did not realize how the cosmetics I was using could be making my allergies worse.

I’ll admit it. I raised my standards on skin care products without broadening these standards to include my makeup products.

When I started paying attention to the ingredients in the makeup products I was using, I thought to myself “Why are you eating clean, using clean skin care, and putting dirty makeup on top of all that?”

I immediately understood how my dirty makeup products were working against my clean skin care products. Time for more alignment.

What I look for in Natural Foundation Products

No Chemical Sunscreens

If you follow me, you may know that I have Rosacea. This makes it so that I can’t wear cosmetics that include chemical sunscreens. My eyes burn like crazy in the afternoon if I do. I’ve written about the best foundations for Rosacea in the past, but the brands mentioned didn’t fall into the natural and organic makeup category.

Matt Finish to Look Good on Camera

I have combination skin that gets a bit shiny in the T-zone. When I’m looking at foundations or other face makeup, I choose a matt or satin finish so that I don’t need to reapply powder as often. If I’m speaking and doing any photos or video, I’ll go with my most matt foundation. Shiny makeup is the enemy of looking good on camera!

No Toxic Chemicals: Checking your Ingredient Lists

The website I mentioned to check ingredients in your makeup products is called Environmental Working Group(EWG), and their website is here. While their product database doesn’t have every cosmetic product in it, I was able to find larger brands. If my product didn’t show up, I could look up any ingredients it had that I wasn’t familiar with.

It’s a useful cosmetic database to check your products for ingredients that fall into three potentially dangerous categories:

  1. Cancer causing
  2. Developmental and reproductive toxicity
  3. Allergies and immuno-toxicity

I was shocked by some of the products I was using!

They also have an app called EWG Healthy Living, and you can find it on iTunes here. Checking your ingredient lists is one of the most important things you can do for your health!

Organic Skincare Products to Prep Your Skin

Each step in the organic skin care routine mentioned in this video helps to prepare your skin for smooth makeup application and to help it last longer.

1. Purifying Black Facewash: Removes excess sebum, makeup, and toxins with activated charcoal. Does not overly foam or dry skin.

2. Clarifying Toner: Gently exfoliates with fruit acids and preps skin to absorb nutrients and moisture.

3. The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum: Protects skin with a whole list of anti-oxidants and helps prevent premature aging.

4. Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer: A rich and decadent night cream with ORS’s signature anti-inflammatory essential oil blend to calm sensitive skin.

If you want to check out these Organic Radiance Skincare products and other ones, like the face mask, click here.

Next Up! Natural and Organic Makeup Video Series Playlist

In Video 2 of this series, we talk about non-toxic face makeup and foundations! When you’re done watching all four videos, you’ll know which natural foundations, eye makeup, and lip color products you want to try!

Join me on YouTube, where you can find the whole video series in a playlist:

You can also watch the Playlist on YouTube hereSubscribe to my channel while you’re there so you can follow me and learn more about the non-toxic makeup products, as well as anti-aging and skin care tips!

Let’s get this conversation started! I’d love to hear what natural and organic makeup brands you love. Leave a comment below and share your favorite natural makeup products and brands!

7 thoughts on “Best Natural and Organic Makeup Brands | Non-toxic Products Video Series”

  1. This is a really good idea! After switching to organic with your skin care products and loving them, I should really start switching my makeup products over to organic too. Thanks for the recs:)

    1. Cynthia, the cosmetic industry doesn’t talk about this much. That’s why we write articles about which chemicals to avoid, why using organic is important, and how to use essential oils and organic products to reduce the amount of chemicals that the body needs to remove.

  2. Wow! I like the way you have given the details of the makeup. I am allergic to chemical sunscreen too and searching for a good herbal or organic alternative. Now, I know which one I should choose.

  3. I love the topic you choose! So many people nowadays prefer to use organic products, and me too! Thank you for sharing excellent blog content and giving insights into the organic products you feature in this blog. Love it!

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