The Anti-Aging Benefits of Skinimalism

Why skinimalism, you ask? Has your skincare routine become inconsistent because it has so many steps?

Did you know that sensitivity and irritation can be caused by using too many products? It might seem surprising at first, but your skin may actually benefit from simplifying your routine.

Keep reading to see if embracing a more minimalistic approach to your skincare routine is something you’d like to try!

What is Skinimalism?

Learn how to simplify your skincare routine

Have you heard of “Skinimalism?” It’s a term used to describe a minimalist approach to skincare. This approach usually consists of a simple routine of 3-5 products. Skinimalism follows the same sentiment as the very popular “no makeup, makeup look,” which started in 2018.

While the skinimalism trend started in 2019, it’s still growing in popularity. With the rise of skincare interest during the pandemic, many beauty enthusiasts began using too many products. This can cause an increase in skin sensitivity and irritation. 

The idea of a minimalistic approach to skincare has stuck around because people have seen positive results after simplifying their routine. 

Benefits of Skinimalism

benefits of skinimalism

Aside from saving you time and energy in the morning and evening, skinimalism can benefit your skin in many different ways. Some of the benefits include helping you to target your skin’s specific needs by using products with ingredients meant for your skin concerns. 

Another benefit is helping you save money by swapping out several products for one multi-use product to achieve the same results. Lastly, it is also more environmentally friendly, considering that the beauty industry alone accounts for over 120 billion units of packaging each year globally, a majority of which is not recyclable. 

Anti-Aging Skinimalism

One of the most beneficial ways to prevent signs of aging is by using a sunscreen. Organic Radiance Skincare founder Candice Betty shares, “Not everyone needs a moisturizer in the morning, but everyone needs sunscreen.” 

The beauty of working SPF into skinimalism is that it’s easy to find hybrid products that offer other benefits, while also protecting your skin from the effects of the sun. For example, Ilia offers the Super Serum Skin Tint, which has active skincare ingredients that benefit the skin, while also providing SPF and coverage.  

How to Create a Minimalistic Skincare Routine

First, think of your specific skin concerns and what steps or products you cannot live without. What are your primary skincare goals? Then, think about the type of products or ingredients that could help you achieve these goals. 

anti-aging skinimalism routine
Anti-aging “Skin Insurance” Bundle by ORS

One example of a minimalist skincare routine could be using a cleanser, serum and sunscreen in the morning. Using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer at night. 

However, minimalism can vary from person to person. For some, using a total of five products could be what they consider a minimalistic routine, and others might think that is too many steps. 

If you’re looking to get a minimalistic routine started, the Organic Radiance Skin Insurance Bundle offers you everything you need morning and night. 

This bundle is perfect for a minimalist skincare routine because it is made with botanical ingredients and includes multi-benefit products such as the Cocktail Serum that has seven beneficial ingredients. 

Skinimalism is not just a trendy term with minimal benefits. Skinimalism can provide you with a simplified skincare routine, catered to your specific needs. It can also benefit our planet by reducing your personal amount of waste each year. To start your minimalistic approach to skincare, shop ORS’s multi-use products offered in the Skin Insurance Bundle

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