The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum by ORS

You asked us to create the ultimate facial serum for repair, renewal, and radiance…

And here it is!!!

Introducing Organic Radiance Skincare’s age-fighting facial serum.

The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum™ has it all!

We didn’t hold back with choosing the ingredients for this formula! We decided to go all in with the ingredients, and I truly love it!


The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum

It is way more than a Vitamin C Serum. It has a whole cocktail of ingredients designed to help your skin fight aging.

If you’re not familiar with serums, they are lightweight formulas that deliver one or two key ingredients to the skin. They’re commonly used as a booster to your skin care routine.

As the founder of Organic Radiance Skincare, I’ve been using different variations of The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum during development. I use it in the morning under my SPF as a lightweight moisturizer for my Rosacea prone skin. At night, I use it under Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer.

Power Packed Ingredient List


ultimate cocktail facial serum_organic radiance skincare_greenhouse for skin care herbs

Make sure your skin is protected throughout the day… not just from UV rays, but from pollutants and free radicals.

The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum is packed with nutrients CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic acid, as well as vitamins A, B, C & E to be your first line of defense during the day.

Hyaluronic acid makes it so that the Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum can hold high concentrations of nourishing ingredients for repair and renewal.

ultimate cocktail facial serum_organic-radiance-skincare_hyaluronic acid diagram helps pull moisture nutrients into skin


Meadow foam seed oil and carrot seed oil make this serum both light enough to wear under makeup and moisturizing enough to balance out dry areas.

The natural DMAE in this facial serum helps firm and tone the appearance of skin, as well as to calm inflammation. Soothing aloe vera and rose water keep skin calm throughout the day.

To top off this power-packed list of ingredients, naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) aid in cellular turnover and help fight aging.

The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum™ is our answer to skin’s desire for repair, renewal, and radiance. I truly love it, and am certain that you will too. Get free shipping on our website here!


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