How to Reduce Rosacea Symptoms with Immortelle (Helichrysum)

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Are you frustrated by the lack of effectiveness of the products you’ve tried to reduce your Rosacea symptoms?

Why can’t you just find something that will get rid of the redness and bumps on your face?

Your Battle Against Rosacea Symptoms

You have facial redness that persists despite your best efforts. You have red bumps on your face. Your face burns when you put on some cosmetics and sunblock.


You try to wear sunblock every day because you don’t need any more redness than you already have. But when you apply it to your face, your eyes start to sting within a couple of hours.

Your frequent blushing makes it so you don’t feel confident going out without makeup on. The visible capillaries and red bumps on your face are affecting your confidence, although you’d rather not admit it.

You’ve tried prescription Rosacea treatment creams and experienced minimal success and fear of long-term side effects.

You’ve Googled natural treatments for Rosacea symptoms and redness. You learned that the cause of Rosacea is not really understood, but that it is associated with inflammation. You read that people have been using herbs to help reduce inflammation for hundreds of years.

Immortelle is one of the best essential oils for Rosacea symptoms.

What is Immortelle?

Also known as Helichrysum italicum, Immortelle is used for healing and calming the skin. One of its greatest applications is to reduce inflammation in the skin. That means it reduces redness!

Before we go further into the benefits of using Immortelle for reducing Rosacea symptoms, you should know a bit about it.

Immortelle is originally from the Mediterranean region and is part of the Asteraceae plant family. Several scientific studies confirm why people have used this plant for hundreds of years.

Today we can concentrate the essence of a whole plant into an oil. This is called an essential oil.

Using the whole Helichrysum plant, rather than just one component of it, gives the concentrated oil a broad range of uses and benefits. Helichrysum essential oil acts as an antioxidant, and an antimicrobial agent, and has an anti-inflammatory action on the area where it is used. (Sala, 2002)

What Can Immortelle do for my Skin?

These properties make Immortelle a great choice for healing broken skin and reducing inflammation (Racine, 2003). This means that Rosacea sufferers can use it to fight redness and swollen red bumps on the face.

Helps Heal Open Wounds and Acne

Since Immortelle can be used on open wounds, it can safely be applied to red bumps or acne that has broken open. (Haas, 2004) The breakouts associated with Rosacea (called papules and pustules) often leave inflamed tissues and scarring long after they have retreated.

Helps Reduce Scarring

Immortelle can also be used at this later stage of skin healing to reduce remaining inflammation and scarring. (Schnaubelt, 1999) Since Immortelle helps with healing during both the breakout phase and the scarring phase, this makes it a natural choice for people suffering from acne and Rosacea.

Reduces Inflammation

The persistent redness of the cheeks and nose is one of the most common symptoms of Rosacea. Although the exact cause of Rosacea is unknown, it is associated with chronic inflammation. Persistent redness of the cheeks is a sign of this inflammation.

Scientific studies have shown Helichrysum italicum to have strong abilities to lower inflammation due to several mechanisms: inflammatory enzyme inhibition, corticoid-like effects, and free radical scavenging activity.

How to use Immortelle

woman applying Immortelle Helichrysum Organic Radiance skincare

Whole-plant extracts are often superior to using single components because of the broad range of properties plants possess. The most concentrated therapeutic form of Immortelle for the skin is essential oil.

Immortelle oil is well tolerated and does not have any significant side effects. Be sure to choose a quality oil supplier, as lower-quality oils can contain residues that can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive skin.

Immortelle essential oil can be applied neat, or undiluted to the skin. Immortelle essential oil is pricey, and it’s just as effective when diluted appropriately, so it’s best to dilute it in a carrier oil. Avocado oil and borage seed oil are good choices for irritated or skin.

Immortelle Face Cream to Reduce Rosacea Symptoms Naturally

German Chamomile_Rosacea_Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer_Organic Radiance Skincare

If you don’t like the feeling of sleeping with oil on your face, the next best thing to use is a rich night cream. Organic Radiance Skincare (ORS) founder Candice Betty suggests using Immortelle essential oil in a night cream to reduce the redness associated with Rosacea.

ORS’s night cream, Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer, uses a proprietary essential oil blend to produce a synergistic anti-inflammatory effect. This means that the oil blend produces a greater anti-inflammatory effect than the sum of the individual oils’ effects.
Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer uses German chamomile (Chamomilla recutita) oil to work in this way with Immortelle oil. Rose (Rosa damascena) essential oil works in concert with these two oils to contract skin cells and blood vessels. The anti-inflammatory and astringent effects of this oil blend help reduce redness and breakouts.


When added to a soothing base of aloe vera and shea butter, the result is a complex blend of components working together to soothe and nourish problem skin.

If you’re looking for a natural face cream that can be used to help heal acne, reduce scarring, and reduce inflammation, try Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer. The healing oil blend in this night cream will help your skin feel like itself again!

Immortelle is an anti-inflammatory essential oil that can help reduce Rosacea symptoms.


If you’re looking to treat Rosacea naturally, download our FREE How to Care for Rosacea cheat sheet. We’ve done the homework for you and created an easy checklist to follow so you can start soothing your skin now. Click on the image below to get access to your copy of the cheat sheet.



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