How to Make Your Own Face Cream

Today’s post is a recipe for how to make your own face cream!

This recipe can also be used to make a massage cream for the body. You can simplify it or add more ingredients to it if you feel comfortable. You can substitute the carrier oil type and essential oils to suit your purpose for the batch.


1/2 cup water

1/2 cup almond or coconut oil (in liquid form, this is the carrier oil)

1 tbsp shea or cocoa butter

1 tbsp aloe vera

1/2 tsp emulsifying wax

4-6 drops Lavender essential oil, preferably organic

2-3 drops Chamomile essential oil, preferably organic

4-6 drops Tea Tree essential oil, preferably organic


  1. Pour the almond oil into a blender and start the blender.
  2. Pour the water very slowly into the blender to emulsify it and create a cream consistency.
  3. Once your cream is formed, add the essential oils, and blend once more.
  4. Put the cream into a clean glass jar and store it in a cool, dark place.

Congratulations on making your own face cream! Use a small amount in the morning under sunblock and/or makeup. Use generously at night to soften your skin. The cream should keep for several weeks.

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