Read This Before Choosing a Moisturizer

Today moisturizers can sit on the shelf for years without spoiling, but is this really a good thing? Preservatives like parabens are widely used in products marketed in the United States, while they are banned in the European Union and Japan. The following are several reasons that you should be using a moisturizer that is not only made with organic ingredients, but organically preserved as well.

1. Chemicals in some non-organic moisturizers can damage the skin with long term use – things you put onto your skin are absorbed into your body.

  • For example, chemicals such as parabens enter the body through the skin.
  • Parabens are absorbed and found in human blood, milk, and tissues.
  • 99% of breast cancer tissues contain paraben esters.


2.  Healthy moisturizers are chemical-free and contain no harmful ingredients. They are preserved organically and made with organic ingredients so they don’t contain chemical residues.

  • Avoid ingredients such as alcohols, glycols, parabens, sulfates, and petroleum

3. Your moisturizer should hydrate without leaving a film. Choose a moisturizer that penetrates the skin and draws nutrients into the skin for maximum benefit.

  • Silicones and petroleums coat the skin and feel good but don’t bring moisture into the skin.
  • Peptides facilitate absorption of your moisturizer into the skin, so the anti-oxidants and moisture can help your skin to stay looking young.

4. Your skincare products are your weapon against environmental toxins and aging. Don’t add more toxins into the mix with non-organic face creams.

  • Quality organic moisturizers deliver healthy plant extracts with properties that help your skin rejuvenate and heal itself naturally.
  • Wearing makeup can contribute to skin problems. Washing your face and using a quality organic face cream, even if just at night, gives your skin the conditions it needs restore itself naturally during sleep.


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