Are Essential Oils Safe for Sensitive Skin

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Hello and welcome! This is a shorter post to raise awareness about essential oils and answer the question “Are essential oils safe for sensitive skin?”

I’m Candice Betty, founder of Organic Radiance Skincare. I love reading about natural skin care, how to have healthy skin, and Rosacea! I have sensitive skin and Rosacea myself, so I’d like to share the best ideas that I’ve found on these topics to help you have healthy skin.

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Using Essential Oils with Sensitive Skin

When I was researching product formulations, I learned that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. I use essential oils for this very reason, to absorb and benefit from the complex array of molecules in these oils.

Keeping this in mind, when you put non-organic essential oils (which are made from herbs grown using pesticides and purified using solvents) on your skin, the impurities in these essential oils are being absorbed into your body as well. Some of these residues can irritate sensitive skin, as well as build up in our bodies and cause allergies and immune reactions.

This was a powerful realization for me, and I decided to always go with organic skin care because the purity in the growth and manufacturing process is very important to me. Organic essential oils cost more to produce, and it worth the price to me for my oils to be as pure as possible.

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