Candice Betty Video Announcement & Topics



Hello and welcome to! I’m Candice Betty, founder of Organic Radiance Skincare, and I’ll be making more videos for this blog and my Youtube channel.

The topics I’ll be discussing include:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Skin Care and Beauty
  • Healthy Eating and Recipes

I’d love to know what other topics you’d like to learn from me. I’m a huge advocate of holistic health care and socially responsible business.

My background is in biology and chemistry, and I love science! All of these things came together and led to me starting a skin care company with the purpose of helping people to reduce inflammation in their skin… and that’s how Organic Radiance Skincare was born.

If you resonate with these topics as well, click on the YouTube button at the bottom right of this video and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on what you’d like to learn more about. I LOVE comments and hearing about what you’re interested in!

Thanks for watching,

Candice Betty


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