Two Reasons You Should Double Cleansing

two reasons you should be double cleansing

by Nichole Fazekas

Washing your face is essential to your skincare routine. One of the best ways to make sure you remove the cosmetics, excess sebum, and bacteria from your skin is to use a double cleansing routine. Makeup wipes can be a convenient option as the first step in your double cleansing routine, but there are healthier options for your skin and the planet.  

When you go through the day with products like SPF, oils, and makeup on your skin it can be difficult to make sure everything is removed. Double cleansing is the process of using a two-step face cleansing system in your routine to remove products and impurities more effectively. It’s important to know what the best double cleansing options are for your skin and how they affect your skin and the Earth.

Why Makeup Wipes are Not the Better Option

Makeup wipes are popular as the first step in a double cleansing routine. Although makeup wipes may seem convenient, they might not be your best option. According to board-certified dermatologist Kraffert, makeup wipes are “not optimal for overall skin health”. Makeup wipes leave a residue on the skin and dermatologists recommend using an additional form of cleansing after use.  Additionally, makeup wipes tug at the skin and can cause microtears just like harsh scrubs. 

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, using makeup wipes can leave you open to numerous skin problems. These wipes are often formulated with fragrance as well, which is a risk for people who suffer from skin issues such as eczema or rosacea. It is more difficult to find a sensitive skin-friendly option with makeup wipes than with alternatives. 

Makeup wipes are also not the most eco-friendly choice. Makeup wipes are typically made from non-recyclable materials such as polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wood pulp, or rayon fibers. Due to this factor, the UK has decided to restrict the sale of single-use makeup wipes by 2043. The UK believes it causes harm to the environment, and there isn’t a reason to continue using them when better options are available.

Double Cleansing as an Alternative

Even if you have grown accustomed to using makeup wipes as the first step in your double cleanse process, you have options available that are less wasteful and better for your skin. When you shop for alternatives to makeup wipes, you’ll find more options for sensitive skin, as well as peace of mind, knowing you are being less abrasive with the skin. 

double cleansing with reusable cotton pad

Makeup wipe alternatives include:

  • Microfiber products (face halos, makeup erasers)
  • Oil cleansers
  • Cleansing balms
  • Micellar Waters

Products made of microfibers such as Face Halos or the Makeup Eraser will provide a similar effect to a makeup wipe without the waste and abrasiveness. These products are far more gentle and do not run the risk of fragrance irritation because all they require is water. The Makeup Erasers website claims it can replace 3600 makeup wipes, and similar reusable alternatives provide additional eco-friendly choices. 

Double Cleansing Solutions

Oil-based products and micellar water are two types of popular double cleansing products. Consider stocking both of these eco-friendly alternatives to makeup wipes in your bathroom because they have slightly different applications.

double cleansing with micellar water from ORS

Micellar water is water-based with small amounts of MCT oil mixed in. Micellar water can be great for removing light makeup or SPF. Micellar water can be applied directly with your hands or with a cotton round to remove products and excess sebum from the skin. To minimize waste, we recommend applying micellar water with a reusable cotton round or washcloth. 

Oil-based products such as oil cleansers and cleansing balms work best for removing waterproof or long-wear cosmetics. Oil cleansers remove heavy or waterproof makeup more effectively because these products tend to be oil-soluble.

Cleansing balms work in a similar manner but come in a solid form that melts into an oil upon contact with the skin. Cleansing balms also work to remove heavier makeup and are preferred by people with dry skin.

oil based option for double cleansing

If you’re shopping for an oil cleanser or cleansing balm, you might consider keeping your skin type in mind. Linoleic acid is recommended for oilier, congested skin. This oil is thinner and commonly used in oil cleansers, making it the preferred choice for oily skin. Oleic acid is thicker and commonly used in cleansing balms, making it ideal for mature or dry skin that needs more hydration. 

Benefits of Oil Cleansing

Using the oil cleanse method can be beneficial to your skin as well. Oil cleansing is effective at removing excess sebum from the skin without causing dryness. Traditional cleansers can be formulated with harsh surfactants that can strip the skin instead of nourishing it. Oil cleansing is an effective way of removing dirt from the skin while protecting your moisture barrier. Regardless of your skin type, oil cleansing will be beneficial for removing impurities and your skincare routine. 

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Makeup Wipes

A pack of 21ct makeup wipes from Neutrogena will cost you $6.99. If you use makeup wipes every night, you can expect to repurchase them about 17 times a year. That means you could be spending $118.83 per year on makeup wipes. There are far more cost-effective options that require refills every 3 months, or tools that just need to be washed. 

To double cleanse for lighter makeup and product removal, ORS’s Lavender Micellar Water is an eco-friendly choice. This micellar water is the first step in your double cleansing routine. This formula is soap-free, pH balanced, and gentle on the skin. To minimize waste while using this product we recommend applying with your hands, a washcloth, or reusable cotton rounds. 

Double cleansing with Purifying Black Facewash

ORS’s Purifying Black Facewash can be used as the second step in your double cleanse routine. It is able to cleanse the skin of long-wear makeup without causing dryness. For heavier makeup, you can use it as step one and step two of your double cleansing routine. This product only needs to be repurchased every 3 months, and the packaging is recyclable. 

Double cleansing can be a staple in your nighttime routine to improve the health of your skin.  There are many different options available for your double cleansing routine and each have their own benefits. Consider alternatives to makeup wipes that are healthier for the planet and your skin. 

Whether you choose an oil cleanser or micellar water to use before your second cleanse, double cleansing is a process that you can customize to make your own. Make sure your second cleanser is gentle and doesn’t dry out your skin. You can use a gentle cream cleanser or an activated charcoal gel cleanser for your second step to wash away excess oil and impurities. 

Now you know some of the benefits of double cleansing and a few different options available, have fun testing out what works best for you!

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