3 Tips for Healing Dry Skin

If you’re washing your hands frequently, it’s likely that your skin is feeling dry. Don’t let dryness turn into irritation, cracking, and flaking. It’s easy to restore your skin’s hydration and softness. With these simple tips for healing dry skin, you can protect your skin’s natural barrier function while keeping your skin feeling smooth.

3 Tips for Preventing and Healing Dry Skin

  1. Use a rich moisturizer right after washing your hands or showering. Apply it while your skin is still damp to help your skin retain moisture. Look for ingredients like aloe and shea butter to restore skin hydration.
  2. Moisturize every time you wash. Keep a small hand cream in your purse or backpack to make it easy. Look for products made with essential oils so you can treat yourself every time you wash. If you’re skin is sensitive, choose unscented. This goes a long way toward protecting my skin from dryness. It also helps them look younger by hydrating skin cells.
  1. Use an alcohol hand cleanser in between hand washings. Dermatologist Daniela Kroshinsky recommends using a sanitizer to limit washing until your dry skin recovers. “But not before eating, after [going to the] bathroom, [or] when hands are visibly soiled — that should [involve] handwashing,” says Kroshinsky.

Health organizations recommend using an alcohol concentration of at least 60% ethanol. These non-drying alcohol cleansers make your skin feel smoother with emollients and essential oils. Check here for availability: Citrus Hand Cleansing Gel (64% Alcohol) and Citrus Cleansing Spray (70% Alcohol).

Alcohol Cleansing Gel & Spray Bundle

These three tips will go a long way towards healing your dry skin. To read more about preventing dry skin, check out my other article 8 Tips for Preventing Dryness While Washing Hands Frequently.

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