15 Things You Didn’t Know about Organic Radiance Skincare


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Today we’re going behind the scenes of Organic Radiance Skincare! Also known as “ORS” for short, this innovative, independently-owned cosmetic brand has made a success out of “redness reducing skincare” on a nationwide scale.

Candice Betty founder of Organic Radiance Skincare
Candice Betty founder of ORS

ORS was founded by biologist, Candice Betty, who struggled with sensitive skin and Rosacea her whole life. With a background in Biotechnology Research and Development, Candice creates natural skin care solutions for sensitive skin. ORS was born out of the desire to share these natural solutions with other people, specifically women, struggling with breakouts, redness, and problem skin.

Candice is knows how this struggle can affect your self-image and confidence. She is passionate about helping women find the root cause of the problem they’re having and helping them increase their confidence, improve their health, and reach their full potential.

Candice believes that our Earth and ecosystems need to be protected because our planet’s diverse ecosystems provide the plants and nutrients to support our bodies’ natural healing process.

She built ORS on the principles of balancing purpose and profit. ORS is a socially conscious, environmentally-friendly small business that donates a portion of its proceeds to non-profits.

Check out some of the ways it’s living up to these ideals below…

  1. While ORS usually donates to Rosacea research and planting trees, in the month of May they decided it’s all about small businesses. In the month of May, ORS is ramping up this philanthropy to help small businesses in need by donating 50% of profits to 4 non-profits aiding small business right now. These foundations include:
    – Red Backpack Fund (SPANX Fourndation)
    – SCORE
    – Kiva
    – Samaritan’s Purse International Relief

  1. ORS has built a following around its calming products – an essential oil cream, an activated charcoal facial cleanser, a nutrient cocktail serum. They don’t market their products as anti-aging, but their products do contain ingredients that are used for anti-aging purposes – like The Ultimate Cocktail Facial Serum.
  1. ORS products are 100% vegetarian, 95% vegan, against animal testing.
  1. The brand is famed for its “calming” approach to facial care. It is now expanding into body care, with its nimble launch of the Citrus Sanitizing Spray and Gel products for the hands. This year the brand has announced that it will launch a rich hand cream, a body wash, and a body lotion.
  1. The brand operates on an environmentally conscious philosophy. ORS products are made in the USA to maintain quality standards and to reduce their carbon footprint. Shipping accounts for a large amount of greenhouse gasses, as well as cost that is passed on to the consumer. The brand doesn’t use extra packaging. Candice values a minimalist approach to product packaging because cardboard cartons get used once and thrown away. In line with this philosophy, ORS uses small shipping box sizes and packing slips only when necessary.
  1. ORS uses compostable peanuts. Although these peanuts are heavier than traditional peanuts, compostable peanuts dissolve in water and are safe for pets. And yes, you can use them in your compost pile!
  1. ORS was founded in 2012 in Huntington Beach, California, and was first sold exclusively in doctor’s offices.
  1. ORS’s first product was a redness reducing night cream with a proprietary blend of calming essential oils and shea butter. This flagship product is still among the brand’s most popular products, with loyal fans.
  1. Although previously offering only facial care products, ORS just launched two new body care product at a time when we need them the most. Citrus Hand Sanitizer Gel and Citrus Sanitizer Spray both contain grapefruit, lemon, and orange essential oils to reduce the drying effect on your skin. The Sanitizer Gel also contains Hemisqualine (an emolient) and Lactic Acid to soften and smooth hands.
  1. ORS plans to launch a monthly subscription service in the US. Subscribers can choose from 3 different levels of skin care bundles, basic, experienced, or advanced, and choose how frequently they would like to receive their bundle.
Helichrysum italicum Organic Radiance Skincare night cream
  1. ORS infuses their night cream, Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer, with shea butter and a proprietary blend of therapeutic essential oils to give it a rich, nearly moisture-balm feel. Essential oils in this calming blend include organic Immortelle oil (Helichrysum, German Chamomile, and other calming extracts.
  1. ORS makes products that are organically preserved. They recommend using the products up within four to six months.
  1. ORS founder Candice Betty posts videos to her YouTube channel exploring the science of skin care, calming essential oils, healthy options for reducing Rosacea and inflammation, interviews with experts, and how to use ORS products.
  1. The company also offers customers a jar and bottle reuse program – simply mail your clean product bottle or jar, and it will be sterilized and refilled with product for you.
  1. The ORS logo contains a magenta R inside of a large black O. These colors show that this organic, socially conscious brand thinks outside the box when it comes to packaging and how people think of organic brands.
Organic Radiance Skincare_logo

It’s not hard to see why this socially conscious brand has so many fans. To its customers, the company is part of their lifestyle helping them to live in healthier and more sustainable ways. For the health conscious consumer, its calming skin care products and philanthropy are worth paying attention to.

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