How to Reduce Facial Redness | Tips for Calming Your Skin

What Causes Facial Redness?

Have you ever experienced redness on your face, which came suddenly and made you feel hot and feeling embarrassed?

This reddening of the facial skin is called flushing, and it can be caused by many physiological reasons like anger, distress, or any other strong emotions.

Environmental causes can also make redness worse – hot drinks, spicy food, ultra-violet light from the sun, and sudden temperature changes.

This redness can be temporary and last just a few days, or persist longer. During flushing, blood vessels present under the surface of the skin dilate causing increased blood flow and feelings of heat, sweat, and even itching.

Rule Out Medical Causes for Redness

It is possible for an underlying medical condition to be the cause of the reddening of your skin, so please visit your doctor to rule out anything serious. Facial redness, itching, and burning are associated with many medical conditions, such as Rosacea, eczema, adult acne, and other skin conditions.

People with Rosacea experience facial flushing, burning of the skin and sometimes eyes, persistent skin redness, adult acne or breakouts (including papules and pustules), and visible veins near the surface of the skin. Rosacea is commonly found in women ages 30 to 50. Although it occurs in both sexes, it affects considerably more women than men.

How to Reduce Redness Naturally

There are many natural ways to reduce the appearance of facial redness including organic skin care lines and natural cosmetics. Opt for organic and avoid preservatives and parabens used in many brand-name cosmetics.

Chamomile flowers between fingers

There are many natural anti-inflammatory compounds found in plants, which provide relief for red or irritated skin.  Herbal extracts and diluted essential oils, such as Immortelle and Chamomile, can provide natural relief due to their calming and antiseptic properties.

Our favorite calming face cream has both of these extracts. It’s made by Organic Radiance Skincare (ORS), a company dedicated to making anti-inflammatory skincare formulas with natural ingredients known to reduce facial redness. Immortelle and Chamomile extracts soothe redness as well as aid in tissue regeneration and healing (think younger-looking skin!)

If you are experiencing facial redness or flushing, also try limiting foods that are likely to make it worse, such as hot drinks and spicy food for at least a few weeks to see if your redness gradually decreases.

Increase your consumption of green leafy vegetables, which aid in reducing inflammation in the body and help restore healthy skin. Don’t skimp on water – not coffee, soda, or tea. Your body needs to be well hydrated for the task of calming your skin.

Avoid sun exposure during the day by finding shade and using a physical sunscreen such as zinc oxide.

Skin Care Routine for Reducing Redness

You may want to wear a tinted daytime moisturizer with SPF or mineral makeup during the day to reduce the appearance of redness and flushing. This often helps people not let fear or embarrassment from flushing prevent them from speaking up at work or in front of friends.

activated charcoal powder

If you use makeup or sunscreen during the day, be sure to remove it before you go to bed, using a face wash that contains charcoal. Activated charcoal binds environmental toxins that have stuck to your skin during the day and helps to remove makeup and excess oil from the skin.

Washing your face every night is important because you don’t want excess oil or sebum to mix with face makeup and clog pores while you sleep. If you want beautiful skin, wash your face religiously at night!

Use a toner with herbal extracts to restore the natural pH of your skin and help keep your pores clear and toned.

Lastly, use a calming moisturizer with essential oil that fights redness and reduces inflammation on the entire face while you sleep.

Share your experience with reducing your facial redness in the comments below. We want to hear your stories and feedback!

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