Rosacea Food Diary | Weekly Spreadsheet for Identifying Triggers

If you think you may have Rosacea or sensitive skin, using this Rosacea food diary, will help you identify the causes of your symptoms. This can be helpful before and after seeing a dermatologist.


The following Rosacea food diary spreadsheet includes possible food, beverage, and activity triggers for Rosacea flare-ups.

My dermatologist recommended that I keep track of the following things for 2-4 weeks, or until I could identify what made my symptoms worse:

  • Diet – including foods and beverages
  • Activities – working out, physical exertion from lifting at work
  • Personal care products – skin care, cosmetics, hair care products
  • Weather conditions – for example windy, cold, dry air, etc

To download the spreadsheet in Excel format, simply enter your email into the form below, and we'll send it to you right away. 


Input Monday's date at the top left and at the end of each day quickly check mark each food type that you ate. Write down what it was that you ate next to the check box.

In the comments section at the bottom, include the personal-care products that you used and the day's general weather conditions.

Keeping a Rosacea food diary in the form of a spreadsheet is a great way to help you and your dermatologist identify what is irritating your skin and how to avoid these triggers to reduce your Rosacea symptoms.

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