Celebrities with Rosacea

Do you ever wonder how celebrities with Rosacea don’t let it affect them?

Do you ever catch yourself thinking that your blushing may be causing you to hesitate?

If you feel like Rosacea affects your confidence, you’re not alone in this.

Rosacea is a skin condition that begins with an innocent enough flush to your cheeks. Friends tease you about your blushing. Innocent enough, but if left untreated, rosacea gets worse with time. You’ll start seeing visible blood vessels or capillaries through the skin and getting bumps that look like acne.

Celebrities with Rosacea

This is enough to pose a major challenge to anyone’s confidence. Especially those in the spotlight.

You might not notice it on camera, but there are many celebrities with Rosacea. If these people are coping with Rosacea well enough to go onscreen without you noticing their skin, take inspiration and don’t let Rosacea get you down!

Cynthia Nixon


That’s right – the famous Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has Rosacea.  In her 20’s, she managed to treat it fully, but it came back in her early 40’s. She helps educate people as the spokesperson for the National Rosacea Society. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“I had heard of Rosacea but I didn’t understand that that’s what it was. My doctor gave me a list of all the things I should be doing and all the things I should be avoiding, and I tell you, things I should have been avoiding, I was doing – all of the things I loved to do.”

Lisa Faulkner


“Spooks” star Lisa Faulkner has been dealing with Rosacea for a long time now and has managed to accept it:

“It (a scene on Spooks) may have looked terrifying, but it was hilarious because the fat fryer actually contained cold water rather than boiling oil, and dry ice to make it look as though it was smoking hot. When the actor Kevin McNally pulled my head up, viewers would have seen my skin was red, only from Rosacea, not chip fat. Now that really was method acting.”

Meg Cabot


The famous writer and author of The Princess Diaries, copes with Rosacea on a daily basis. Here’s what Meg Cabot had to say about it on her Twitter page/blog:

“…Anyway, MY face is red. Actually, my face is red because, as I mentioned on my Twitter Page, I have an alarming new disfiguring ailment, perioral dermatitis, caused by Rosacea!”

Margaret Bobonich

Bobonich_MargaretThis “Survivor” contestant really survived Rosacea (couldn’t help myself). Here’s what Margaret Bobonich says about her rosacea:

“Through the years, I had my share of flare-ups, and sometimes they would be severe. I just tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle, comply with a prescribed therapy, reduce stress, and participate in sports activities to keep fit.”

These celebrities haven’t let blushing stop them from reaching success and fame. You are just like these people, with your own insecurities and challenges, but we’re here to cheer you on. Take inspiration from these people with Rosacea. Do what it takes to control flare-ups ups.  Don’t let it stand in the way of your confidence, speaking up, and pursuing your dreams.

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