Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at ORS

Wearing Green on St. Patrick’s Day is not an Irish tradition. Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day differently than the Irish do.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

To celebrate in Ireland, people pin a small bunch of Shamrocks to the right side of their shirts. The Shamrocks are worn to signify one’s Irishness and the traditional connection with St. Patrick. In Ireland, people attend Church on St. Patrick’s Day, and the Shamrocks are blessed at Church ceremonies.  This is the Blessing of the Shamrock.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in America

get your green on

Wearing green clothing is an American spin on the Irish tradition. As is drinking green beer. This year, we’ve decided to celebrate for a different reason at Organic Radiance Skincare.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at ORS

We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day not because we’re Irish or like drinking beer. We’re supporting what “green” means to us as a clean beauty business in the United States. We’re layering an additional purpose into the green we’re wearing this St. Patty’s Day.

Operating in an Environmentally and Socially Conscious Way

That green means to us that we run Organic Radiance Skincare in a sustainable way that is friendly to the environment. That means that we’re showing our support for science and the reduction of global warming. We’re showing that being mindful of our environmental impact is part of how we do business. We plant a tree for every product you purchase. This is done through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Green Packaging Philosophy

Our minimalist packaging approach includes no cardboard box to end up in landfills. We even have a product refill program where you can return your clean product container to us to have it refilled. That’s recycling and reusing in its purest form.

Why We Make Skin Care Products

We’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to create a business that brings to life what we believe in and reflects our values. That’s why we created Organic Radiance Skin Care. We get to create organic

We get to create organic skincare products with anti-inflammatory ingredients, herbal extracts, and essential oils. As well as creating a sustainable way to support the health of our planet through green business practices and planting trees.

Want to Try Them?

Our products are designed to calm irritation and redness in the skin. You can’t calm your skin with products that contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin.  That’s why all of our products are formulated without chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, dyes, or alcohols.

The ingredients we use are organic, such as calming herbal extracts, anti-inflammatory essential oils, soothing aloe, and moisturizing shea butter. Each one is chosen from the research we have done about reduce redness and your calm skin naturally.

If that sounds like something you need, start by trying the Basics Set. This includes Purifying Black Facewash™, Clarifying Toner, and Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer™.


It’s the perfect way to start giving your skin the nutrients it needs to restore and renew itself… And plant a tree.

We believe in green business practices and love wearing green on St. Patrick’s day! We’re adding an additional layer to the meaning of our green this year as a clean beauty company. Thank you for supporting Green Business and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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